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Wild Verbena

Witch Bells 🔔

Witch Bells 🔔

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Historically, Witch Bells are referred to as protection bells, and are traditionally hung on the front door knob, on a hook in the home, worked with on your alter, hung in the bedroom window to ward off nightmares/ low, vibrational, spirits, and also hung on the Yule Tree. Bells will repel all energy that is of a low frequency, and/ or I’ll willed spirits. Bells are associated with the divine and supernatural, they are ringing, vibrational sound is symbolic of creative power, their shape, a symbol of feminine power, and the celestial arc. The sound vibrations, created by the ring of the bells, have been believed, for centuries to possess magical and spiritual power. 

These bills have been crafted in Ritual, working in between the worlds, infusing fabric with plant spirit medicine, and tied with antique brass bells.

Each set comes with a scroll. 

garment care

hand wash with cold water and ph balanced soap.

hang to dry, low iron while damp.

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