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Wild Verbena

Raw Silk Bandana / Altar Cloth - Nebula Mind

Raw Silk Bandana / Altar Cloth - Nebula Mind

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Medicine Bandana - Nebula Mind

This beautiful raw silk piece with raw edges is part of a throat chakra medicine series that has been anointed with bay laurel to release blockages and to let your voice be heard. Find inspiring shades of violet, red, pink,  orange, yellow, and dark blue.  Bring the power of the plants everywhere you go, this piece wears well  wrapped around the neck, as a face cover, and works well as an altar cloth.

Each piece is made with love and intention in between worlds. Feel the plant spirits of Rose, Logwood, comfrey,  lac, nettle,  and Iron.

May the spirit of the plants tend to all the spaces that are in need. May the spirit of the plants guide, protect, and surround you with their profound medicine.


garment care

hand wash with cold water and ph balanced soap.

hang to dry, low iron while damp.

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