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Wild Verbena

Organic Cotton Medicine Shawl - Adriatic Sea

Organic Cotton Medicine Shawl - Adriatic Sea

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Medicine Shawl – Adriatic Sea

This one of a kind piece holds strong energy of floating in the ocean womb that it filled with life and abundance. Find inspiring shades of prink, purple, yellow, green, blue with touches of red.  Bring the power of the plants everywhere you go, this piece wears well for dressing up or with jeans. Wrap around yourself as a mediation shawl or work with in ceremony or when in need of protection, tender love, and power. The options are endless for these one of a kind pieces.

Each piece is made with love and intention in between worlds. Feel the plant sprits of Rose, dahlia, rosemary, lac, sandalwood, marigold, indigo leaf, logwood, mugwort and iron.

May the spirit of the plants tend to all the spaces that are in need. May the spirit of the plants guide, protect, and surround you with their profound medicine.


garment care

hand wash with cold water and ph balanced soap.

hang to dry, low iron while damp.

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