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Wild Verbena

Medicine Robe - Earth Goddess

Medicine Robe - Earth Goddess

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Wearable medicine in the form of a rayon robe, OS. Hand dyed in-betweens the worlds with love, prayers, and plant magic. This one of a kind piece holds a powerful sense of the Earth Goddess. Find inspiring shades of purple, pink, rust, brown, tan, and blue.


Feel the plant spirits of Rose, Calendula, Marigold, Osage, Dahlia, Logwood, Cochineal, Lac, Eucalyptus, Usnea, Clay from the earth, and Iron.

May the spirit of the plants surround, guide, and protect you. May the spirit of the plants tend to all the spaces in need. And So It Is!!!!

garment care

hand wash with cold water and ph balanced soap.

hang to dry, low iron while damp.

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