Serenity Now Elixir


Deep juicy grounded creativity and heart centered peace.

Kava Kava ~ Helps bring the feelings of bliss and pleasure of being embodied. Deep medicine for anxiety, nervousness, and rewiring nervous system. Heart tonic and heart opening, this plant is wonderful to share in community and/or for good communication.

Lemon Balm ~ Helps release anxiety from stomach, loving grandmother spirit (great for people who didn’t receive the love and support they needed during childhood) she says “you are loved from all directions”, great for brain function and memory.

Passion Flower ~ Heart opener, great for creative projects, teaches us to see ourselves, wash away self doubt, worry, and insecurity. She is a teacher of self love and acceptance.

Nasturtium Flower Essence ~ “I am clear headed focused thinking grounded through heart centered peace”. She provides a filter for excess energy and chatter out of your head.

Calendula Flower Essence ~ “I am string psychic boundaries grounded through my heart and to the earth”. She provides a sense of peaceful safety.

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Suggested Use

One dropper full as needed to calm anxiety, ground, and clear energy.

Ingredient Functions

Organic Kava Kava, Organic Passion Flower, Organic Lemon Balm, 80 Proof Organic Vodka, Calendula Flower Essence With Rose Quartz, Nasturtium Flower Essence With Amethyst, Raw Organic Honey, Love


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