Plant Magick Robe – Anu


Medicine Robe – Anu

This one of a kind wearable medicine was hand dyed in-between the worlds with love, intentions, and plant magic! It holds a powerful energy of the Earth and Fertility goddess Anu, as I made this piece while close to the birthing portal and felt called to pour Anu energy into this piece. One legend of Irish Folklore is Anu, the Irish Earth Goddess from whom all life emerged. Anu was seen to embody the earth, rivers, and sea. She offered fertility, abundance, regeneration and nurturing.

Feel the plant spirits of Rose, Logwood, Marigold, Lily, Dahila, Zinnia, Lac, and Iron.

May the spirit of the plants tend to all of the spaces that are in need. May the spirit of the plants surround, guid, and protect you. AND SO IT IS!!!


Rayon (bamboo) robe OS

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