Organic Cotton Shawl – Release


Medicine Shawl – Release

Wearable medicine in the form of an oversized organic cotton shawl. Hand dyed in-between the worlds with love, intentions, and plant magic.

I was listening and infusing this piece with a beautiful song by Alexa Sunshine Rose –

“I release control
and surrender to the flow of love
That will heal me”

Work with as a mediation shawl, wrap, blanket, head wrap, sarong, baby wrap.

Feel the plant spirits of Rose, Dahila, Hollyhock, Zinnia, Cosmos, Marigold, Logwood, and Iron

May the spirit of the plants tend to all the spaces that are in need. May the spirit of the plants guide, protect, and surround you with their profound medicine.


about 86″ x 45″

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