Moon Child


Fast absorbing and deeply nourishing herbal oil with a touch of shimmer to brighten your morning.

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Ingredient Functions

Ingredients ~ organic-oils of almond, olive, sunflower, jojoba, infused with calendula, rose, comfrey,burdock, silver mica, ylang ylang, orange, vitamin e oil

Almond OilGently dislodge debris from pores, prevents future acne due to high vitamin A, fast absorption, reduces dark marks, reduces wrinkles/fine lines

Olive Oil ~ Essential fatty acids, high in vitamins and minerals,  protects against free radicals

Sunflower Oil ~ Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, fights against acne and redness, contains proteins that help build and restore tissue, reverses pre-mature signs of aging

Jojoba Oil ~ Treats skin disorders, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging, balancing to skin oils

Calendula ~Anti-microbial, Helps skin stay healthy and youthful looking (contain carotenoids), antioxidant, gentle and hydrating; great for all skin types

Rose ~Tightens and tones. She holds the highest vibration out of all the flowers. Some key actions of rose – antidepressant- antibacterial- astringent- cleansing- anti-inflammatory – antiseptic- possess vitamin A, B, E, and K, potassium and iron

Comfrey ~Reduces redness, calming ot skin,  regenerates cells quickly

Burdock ~ The answer to most skin problems, treats/prevents blemishes, high in vitamins E + B to nourish skin, aids in detoxifying skin

Silver Mica ~ Reflects off of the sun creating a smooth, illuminating glow

Ylang Ylang ~ Improves mood and energy, balances oil for combination skin, regulates sebum on skin, soothes irritated skin

Orange ~ Eases inflammation, chances the production of collagen, antioxidant

Vitamin E oil ~  Nutrient rich, antioxidant, prevents and repairs free radical damage, intense healing to the skin


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