Light Warrior Flower Essence Blend


Made in ceremony with love and intention.

Flower Essence Blend to help us light warriors alchemies energies that need to be transformed and stand in our light/power/fierceness. Cresote ~ cleanse the psyche of negative energy, stagnating trauma, or behavioral patterns. Borage ~ I am the alchemy of transforming sorrow and depression into Divine light. She dislodges long-held grief. Calendula ~ I am calm and centered within my being, I am comfortable in my skin and I am safe to be warm and compassionate and helpful to others. AND SO IT IS!!!

Take 4 drops twice a day in water or on tongue.

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Suggested Use

Take 4 drops twice a day in water or on tongue.

Ingredient Functions

Flower Essences of Creosote, Borage, Calendula, Essence of Rose Quarts, Brandy, Spring water, and words of love + empowerment.


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