Eye Serum


*Simple luxuries* comes to mind when I think about this crystal eye serum. Keep this beautiful product on your night stand for easy access right before bed and first thing in the morning. Awwwww, does’t that feel nice.

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Ingredient Functions

all organic ingredients – calendula, chrysanthemum, rose, lavender, linden leaf & flower, comfrey, chamomile, almond oil, avocado oil, jasmine, evening primrose oil, love.  What does each ingredient do?

~Helps skin stay healthy and youthful looking (contain carotenoids), antioxidant, gentle and hydrating; great for all skin types

Chrysanthemum ~Eliminates puffiness, reduces wrinkles, anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling of blemishes, decreases skin discoloration

Rose ~ Tightens and tones. She holds the highest vibration out of all the flowers. Some key actions of rose – antidepressant- antibacterial- astringent- cleansing- anti-inflammatory – antiseptic- possess vitamin A, B, E, and K, potassium and iron

LavenderCalming to the skin, detox skin, treats acne

Linden leaf & flower ~ Relives skin problems such as itching, slows down again process, repairs sun damage

Comfrey ~Reduces redness, calming to skin, regenerates cells quickly 

Chamomile ~Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidants, fight breakouts

Almond oil ~Gently dislodge debris from pores, prevents future acne due to high vitamin A, fast absorption, reduces dark marks, reduces wrinkles/fine lines

Avocado Oil ~Essential fatty acids, high in vitamins and minerals, natural sunblock, protects against free radicals

Jasmine EO ~ Rejuvenates skin, hydrates skin

Evening primrose oil ~ Treats acne, reduces redness, anti aging properties, moisturizes


  1. Eryn

    I love this eye serum! I put a little bit under my eyes before I go to bed and I always notice the lines or ‘crows feet’ are dramatically reduced by morning.

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