Cosmic Clarity


MMMM, Take a moment out of your day to state an affirmation and mist yourself with Cosmic Clarity. The scent is rather intoxicating, drops you right in, and creates that space for a clear mind, to check in with you, to breath a little deeper

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Suggested Use

Face & Body & Room Mist

Ingredient Functions

Ingredients ~ Distilled water, palo santo, frankincense, jasmine, ayahuasca flower essence

Frankincense EO – Incredibly rich in scent; the essential oil promotes spirituality and meditatie states, assists in visualising, clear mind, centering, thought to transmit messages to a brain region involved in controlling emotions, powerful vibration of protection and clearing, enhances divine connection  and bring inner peace, heightened awareness

Palo Santo EO – aids with depression and anxiety and stress

Jasmine EO ~ Brings in the light, helps you elevate your vibration, improves mood, lowers anxiety

Ayahuasca Flower ~ Stimulates the body’s dialogue for healing and understanding the bodies messages, develops clairvoyants, assists in the deconstruction of collective and archetypal patterns that emanate low, vibrations such as insecurity, blame/guilt, victimization, self-sabotage and disempowerment that bind us humans to continually play out unconscious repetitive cycles of behavioral reactions through lifetimes of incarnations and blind us from observing, activating and dwelling in our true nature, guide through dark pathways to own illumination



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